Rent & Rescue

Kitesurfing rental terms of Algarve Kite Center

To rent a kite equipment, you will need following actions:

  • ID original
  • Original of kite license (IKO, VDWS,….)
  • Your height, weight, info and equipment priorities
  • Transport to kite lagoon
  • Kitesurfing equipment insurance
  • Rescue boat (option)
lagos rent kite

And now, about each item – let’s start with an ID document, preferably it was an internal or foreign passport.

And it is necessary for kitesurfing equipment to come back to us, there have been many cases of equipment theft and non-payment of rent.

You know that cost of all equipment is impressive and some individuals will sacrifice their driving license to keep equipment.

Kitesurfing license – each country has its own types of licenses (IKO & VDWS), but a very important point is how confident you are as a kite surfer.

As conditions for kitesurfing can be different: shallow or deep water, wave or flat water, wind directions, gusty or stable wind.

Lagos certificated kite centre

If you take our kitesurfing spot in Lagos as an example, there are many factors you don’t know about. If you look at lagoon from the side, it is very shallow and safe.

BUT 50% of our kitesurfers can not cope with rough wind and fast tides, but those who really know how to ride – gladly come back to us every season.

Your Datas – to find your right wetsuit and harness we need your height and weight – but you have to choose a right size of kite and kite board by yourself.

Use the prediction of winguru, it is most suitable for our local spot.

Vehicle – to get to kite lagoon, you will need a vehicle, as public transport does not go there, and it is problematic to walk far enough (5 km + -).

The best thing how you can do – is rent a car and see all sights in one go, and the cheapest thing how you can do – is take a free transfer from our kite center, the main thing is to warn us earlier that you need a transfer.

rent kite algarve

Kite equipment insurance – a few years ago we learned from our clients that some insurance companies cover kite equipment, and if you rip a kite or lose a kiteboard, they will reimburse you full cost of equipment.

In case there is no insurance – you have to be ready for some costs, for example:
  • Rip sling – you pay cost of a new one about 50 euros (1 piece).
  • Ripped kite – about 250 euros payment depending size of rip.
  • Lost kiteboard – about 250 euros cost.

Rescue boat – mainly needed for those who are already riding in both directions but not sure, those who need to practice a lot in deep water and not worried: about what can lose a kiteboard, unsuccessfully quick release a kite, drifting far into the ocean or put a kite on sharp rocks.

1 Day Rent full kite set ( kite, board, harness, wetsuit )€65
*1 Session Rent full kite set ( kite, board, harness, wetsuit )€50
1 Day Rent a board ( just a board )€20
1 Day Rent kite ( kite & bar )€50
**Supervision & Rescue ( incl. 1 rescue by boat )€20
  • *One session – just one entry to the water, when you land a kite, your session is done.
  • **Supervision & Rescue – is price without of our kite equipment.

Lagos kitesurfing beaches

This time we look at various beaches of town Lagos for kitesurfing, pros and cons of each of them and pitfalls.

N1. Kite lagoon – city of Lagos is known to everyone as the only place in Algarve for safe training and kitesurfing.Shallow, smooth and relatively warm water, best place to learn kitesurfing.

kitesurfing lagoon Lagos

+ You can’t imagine better wind statistics, from April to November a north, north-west wind (North West) blows, sometimes there is a wind failure in August.

+ Lack of floating tourists in water (kitesurfing area)

– Not a stable wind.

-+It is difficult to get lagoon without a vehicle and knowledge of road, but we can call this a plus, as not everyone finds lagoon and there is a lot of space for kitsurfing.


Courses Price
1 day (incl. 3 hours group lesson max. 4 students) €100
5 days (incl. 15 hours group lesson max. 4 students) €400
private lesson (incl. 2 hours with private instructor) €140
half-private lesson (incl. 3 hours max. 2 students) €150
1 day rental (kite, bar, board, wetsuit, harness) €65
If you plan to learn and rent a kitesurfing in Lagos area or you need supervision, you can contact us with questions by calling +351928024066 (WhatsApp)

N2. Meia Praia – this beach is known to everyone as longest in Algarve region, it is a little over 5 kilometers.

kitesurfing meia praia

Summer from June to October, the beach has 12 stationary points with sunbeds, umbrellas, jet skis and two lifeguards at each point.

According to Portuguese laws, you do not have a right to ride and launch a kite at a controlled point in territory, end of territory is indicated by a sign in three languages.

As a result, there is a place for kitesurfing a very beginning of beach 300 meters and at the end of the beach 1000 meters, there is no wave, direction offshore (north, north-west).

meia praia kitesurfing

 Winter period, everything is much simpler, empty parking lots, and a deserted beach, direction of wind Onshore, a good wave for skiing.

N3. Porto de Mós – this beach is very landscaped and is popular among tourists from all over Europe and the world for outdoor activities such as kitesurfing, kayaking, paddle board, jet skis.

kitesurfing porto de mos

Beach is in a picturesque location surrounded by orange landscape cliffs, on left side are water caves and Ponto de Piedade, on right side is a high mountain separating Porto de Mós and Praia da Luz.

Kitesurfing in Porto de Mós is not a myth but a reality. Main thing is to wait for suitable conditions, and suitable conditions are direction of the wind – South, South-East, South-West.

Summer, most of the days are blowing – North, the North-West wind from Offshore, which attracts a lot of lazy tourists who like to rest on the beach under scorching sun and beach, which is protected from the wind.

sup porto de mos

If you still catch south wind in summer, it will be very problematic to go kitesurfing as there are a lot of floating tourists in water and there is no place even to stick an umbrella on beach, there are also two stationary points with lifeguards that will not allow you launch a kite.

Albufeira kitesurfing

Consider a today city of Albufeira as a place for kitesurfing.
albufeira kitesurfing

Everyone knows Albufeira as a warm place, rich in nightlife and torn off tourists in south of Portugal in Algarve region. Let’s try to consider it as a place for outdoor activities (kitesurfing, surfing)

Kitesurfing Albufeira: Data and statistics on wind show that in winter likelihood of wind is more than in summer season.

albufeira kitesurf

Wind direction in summer is north, north-west, which starts around 15:00 and is 12-17 knots, but with this direction of wind it is almost impossible to engage in kitesurfing, as direction of wind off shore is very gusty.

Some days wind comes from southern direction, to coast in form of a sea breeze on large sizes of kites. In Albufeira, winter direction of wind is more favorable for kitesurfing south, west, east.

Good conditions for kitesurfing with constant wind and smooth, warm water in summer are the city of Lagos, 40 km. (20 minutes by car) from a city of Albufeira, where you can ride a kite lagoon and only there, as on rest of coast the wind blows offshore 15-25 knots, and location of lagoon allows you to use wind to ride on a kite.

kitesurf albufeira

Surfing in Albufeira: Few people know about surfing in Albufeira since wave there is a rather rare event, basically everyone heard about surfing in center of Portugal «Peniche» and the south on south-west coast in area Aljezur (Algarve).

All surfing schools take their students in a minibus loaded on roof with surf boards to southwest coast from Cape Sagres to city of Aljezur. In time it is about 40 minutes on the road.

kitesurfing albufeira
If you plan to learn and rent a kitesurfing or you need to look after you, you can contact us with questions by calling +351928024066 (WhatsApp)


Courses Price
1 day (incl. 3 hours group lesson max. 4 students) €100
5 days (incl. 15 hours group lesson max. 4 students) €400
private lesson (incl. 2 hours with private instructor) €140
half-private lesson (incl. 3 hours max. 2 students) €150
1 day rental (kite, bar, board, wetsuit, harness) €65


Kitesurfing Alvor

This time we will consider another place for kitesurfing in the south of Portugal called Alvor.
alvor kitesurfing
This remarkable spot has many positive qualities, like:

 – White sand beach and landscape high cliffs.

 -Center of the city with many clubs and restaurants.

 -Affordable housing.

 -And the most important thing is that there is a kitesurf lagoon (Ria Alvor) for learning kitesurfing and just 100 meters from open ocean with a wide picturesque beach.

Depending on the direction of the wind and the tide (water level in the lagoon) you can choose a place for kitesurfing – lagoon or Ocean.

Local kitesurf schools carefully select the time for the lesson, since the water level in the lagoon should not be very high (High tide 2m.) Or too shallow (low tide 10cm.)

Alvor River is ideal for kitesurfing teaching at various levels and ages, deep water for more advanced students and shallow for beginner levels of preparation.

kitesurf alvor

Standard direction of the wind in the spring and summer is north, northwest. In the north-west direction there is the opportunity to ride a kite in an open ocean on the beach of Alvor.

If you compare part lagoon of Alvor with part lagoon of Lagos, you can find advantages and disadvantages.

Kite Alvor shortcomings: You need to walk far from parking, a lot of movement of sailing and motor boats to port of Alvor, wind comes later or does not reach than part of Lagos, at High tide you can ride only on fairway because of lack of water, cost of kite lessons and rent kitesurfing equipment more expensive.

Kite Alvor Advantages: wind is much smoother and stronger than in Lagos, the direction of the wind to onshore.

For those who still study at our kitesurfing school, we will make a special offer.


Courses Price
1 day (incl. 3 hours group lesson max. 4 students) €100
5 days (incl. 15 hours group lesson max. 4 students) €400
private lesson (incl. 2 hours with private instructor) €140
half-private lesson (incl. 3 hours max. 2 students) €150
1 day rental (kite, bar, board, wetsuit, harness)      €65

Alvor River (kitesurfing lagoon) is a small Portuguese river with ideal wind and geological conditions for various water sports, including for the training and practice of kitesurfing.

kitesurfing school alvor

Formed by combining four streams born on the southern slope Serra de Monchique, Ribeira do Farell & Ribeira do Torre (flowing into its eastern coast) & Odiáxere stream with rich stream Arão (which flows to west coast).

From there he establishes a wide estuary (kitesurf lagoon) with shallow, clean and relatively warm sea water and which is a natural border between cities of Alvor and Lagos (the municipality of Portimão and Lagos) and flows into Atlantic Ocean.

Ria de Alvor (kitesurfing lagoon) is recognized as a site a natural national reserve, it includes gray dunes, oyster farms, beaches and estuaries, agricultural land, semi-natural weeds, pine forests and salt marshes, and shelters for various species of birds and animals, representing public and national interest under the Habitat Directive.

kitesurfing alvor

Alvor Castle (Ruinas do Antigo Castelo / Forte de Alvor), built in 7th century, is based on the Phoenician, later Greek and Carthaginian style, built and conquered by Hannibal, who renamed it Porto Hannibal, which would be a basis of Roman settlement of Barcínia.

Later it was conquered by Arabs, who called it Albus, and the development process began, which continued until destruction of Christian age, because of the earthquake of 1755, they destroyed walls, fortifications are only remnants this castle that still exist.

– Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Rocha (Chapel de Nossa Senhora da Rocha)

– Church Divino Salvador de Alvor (Igreja Parroquial de Alvor, Igreja do Divino Salvador) – built-in styles of Manuelito and Rococo, the longitudinal church consists three tiers with expressive main sides and side arcades.

Main facade of 18th century emphasizes entrance hall with a baroque interior, main additional altars in the Renaissance style with chapels in Rococo style.

kitesurfing alvor algarve

– Misericordia Church (Igreja da Misericórdia), a 15th-century church comprising a unique stucco tied, and a simple curved facade.

Call or WhatsApp Us for make reservation +351928024066

Kitesurfing Mui Ne

mui ne kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Vietnam, Mui Ne is a top priority for all water sports and all ages. There are excellent wind conditions for both beginners and pro, kids and adults.

Kitesurfing area in Mui Ne – the whole coast is 10 km long! There is plenty of space for both beginners and advanced kiters. More over, Mui Ne is one of the few places where skiers coexist peacefully with tourists, is no one interferes here.

A wide sandy beach with water +30t and a good stable wind all winter season from November to March is very convenient for launching and landing a kite and learn how to kitesurfing and advance jumps.

mui ne kitesurf

Successful distribution of wind and wave power during the day allows you to master new elements in the morning (up to 14 hours), and in the afternoon, when the strong even wind blows, work them out on the water.

The problem faced by beginners is the same as with windsurfers – a large coastal wave (Beach brake) – which makes it difficult for beginners to start on shallow area. That’s why the coastal zone has to be crossed with body gravel.

For example, beginners are always ready to help with the same landing and launching of the kite, as passing by like-minded people, and specially assigned for this purpose to the beach-breaking stations.

kitesurf mui ne

In the evening, when a decent wave appears, and the wind reaches its maximum, the water comes out pro. They drive properly and enjoy the ride to the fullest extent. We believe it that the Mui Ne spot is one of the best for advanced kiters.

Size of the wave here can reach a height of up to three meters, which, combined with a strong stable wind, allows you to jump properly. The spectacle is so fascinating that the spectators are involuntarily gathered on the shore.

surfing mui ne

Depending of the month in Mui Ne waves is bigger or smaller, also the best size of the kite you can take just 9-12m. Mui Ne is also good for Wave riding and start your first high jumps because wave is like ramp helping you to do basic movement to fly.

In our kitesurfing school you can make your first experience from Zero to Hero, you can learn base from beginning and be an advance on the end of your kite course, if you already know how to kite you can take advance course – Jumping, Kite Looping, wave riding.

1 Hour Private Teaching (all equipment incl.)$50
5 Hours Private Teaching (all equipment incl.)$200
1 Hour Rent Kite Equipment (fool set)$30
1 Day Rent Kite Equipment (from 9am to 5 pm)$80
1 day Storage (1 board and two kites)$5


Core Kites Algarve

We have good news! Our school start working with Core Kites – best German kitesurf company on the world, you can come and test best quality.

Core Kites in Portugal – one of highest quality brands from Germany! For many years, Core kites occupied a leading position in Germany, and fame did not take long to wait, now they are recognized around the world!

Algarve Core kites

The best materials, world records, just one of the most comfortable characteristics on market for kiters any level!

Company has existed for 10 years, but developers themselves stand at very origins of kite-building, as company CARVED was first established 25 years ago, from which Core emerged.

Due to excellent flight characteristics and very good-quality tailoring in Europe, company has been successfully sold for 7 years now and is only gaining momentum.

Core engineers in principle do not make their products every year; they believe that it takes more time to create a truly legendary kite.

Core XR – universal model – specialization high and hung jumps style of the old school, as well as a comfortable freeride! Widest wind range of this model makes it an excellent choice for a newcomer day off and an old school freestyler!

Algarve Core kites for rent

Final quality control carried out in Germany on island Ferman – where it blows 90% of time! From here we have minimum marriage, reliability of an extra class!

And of course, all their designs are excellent and different in quality, in every detail. Hundreds personal proprietary patents used in production speaks for itself: a triple-thread fabric, durable and wear-resistant, that will last for many years, Core-branded reinforced dacron is only a small part of exclusive material they use.

Core kites are rightly considered to be Mercedes in kitesurfing world — most durable Liros lines, very reliable consumables, combined with an incredibly sophisticated flight performance.

Portugal Core Kites

That will give you comfort and quick progress. Line can distinguish two main models and some specialized:

Core GTS – for comrades who needs a hotter kite – freestyle ninja created for megaloops, fast and sharp! Perfect for lovers of loops / megaloops / wakestyle!

Core SECTION –is a specialized kite for wave riding.

Lagos Core kites

Core IMPACT – a specialized kite for new skull (wakestyle) skating!

Choosing and buying a kite Core you will not be disappointed 100%, for any questions related to Core equipment, please contact us.

We will select a kite for you based on your preferences for physical and regional data. We take into account not only your skill but also the geography of your skating.

Algarve Core kites

Meet the latest innovations charged with new developments – Core XR5 kite and join latest developments of Core. This model embodies all best innovations and developments of last 10 years.

From year to year Core XR model became better and better, and every time we were left feeling that it could not be any better.

But, German engineers never cease to amaze us. Pure bigair, pure freeride – perfect versatility – that’s what awaits you in Core kite XR5.

Kite is designed as a classic station wagon – to perfectly show itself in all disciplines, gusty winds, restarting into a wave, widest wind range and of course unmatched hang.

All this makes XR5 the best all-rounder on the market. And allow you to choose the style in which you love to ride.

Portugal Core Bar

Fifth generation XR, like a chameleon, changes its behavior, so you just eat and you do not need anything but comfortable control. And suddenly your behavior changes and kite instantly becomes aggressive and bulges you in height, quickly responding to the command.

You can not trust our description and say that there are no such kites – this is your right. Be sure to test kite personally in nearest test center and you can test our words in practice.

Remember that you can always find out about the nearest tests from consultants on our official website

XR5 in detail
How could we make such a universal kite? Our engineers, tricky systems of rollers and rings make control system perfectly balanced, with help of light pressure, you can add thrust like a gas pedal to a car, or let go and relax in a light freeride.

Excellent work of deepower allows you to expand wind range to unprecedented limits and ride kite when everyone around has already taken a few meters smaller.

Portugal Core kites

XR5 embodies all advantages of both delta and bow of kite! Kite is designed to go to wind at a good angle, keep thrust into weak wind, going to pennant speed and at same time working as an excellent elevator when necessary, you have not done such envious and high jumps, XR5 will take you to new heights literally.

Portimao kitesurfing

Portimao kitesurf

Today we will tell you about Portimao, a wonderful city for outdoor activities in south of Portugal in Algarve region.

 Beautiful and colorful coast of the Atlantic Ocean with short beaches for kitesurfing and windsurfing and the promenade with restaurants in the city of Portimao.

Portimao is very well suited for riding windsurfing all year round since most of the time is the direction of the wind from the coast.

 In the winter-autumn-spring season there is a great chance for kitesurfing to ride on the beach “Praia da Rocha” on the city beach in Portimão.

kitesurf portimao

The correct wind direction for kitesurfing in the city of Portimao on the beach “Praia da Rocha” is: “South”, “West”, “East”.

Most curative wind direction in Portimao for riding perfect wave on “Praia da Rocha” is “South-East”, thanks to scale breakwater of half a kilometer the wave goes very smooth and even while the wind is quite flat.

Portimao kitesurfing

If you go up from the beach to the promenade of “Praia da Rocha”, you will find there:

  • A lot of restaurant with Asian, European, Portuguese cuisine with freshly caught seafood.
  • A lot of nightclubs with a vibrant night-life and tipsy tourists.
kitesurfing portimao

Also in Portimão one of the largest sea ports in the Algarve with cruise liners and snow-white yachts with travellers.

For those who are not yet ready to go kite-surfing on open water with a wave and prefer smooth and shallow water – there is a wide kite lagoon in the city of Lagos ideally suitable for beginners and working out tricks on smooth water.

kitesurfing praia da rocha

Getting to the kite lagoon is not so easy, because GPS and also Google Maps show the wrong direction along the road along the ocean which has been closed for 6 years by golf courses.

If you drive from Portimao to the city of Lagos on the N125 road, you need to turn left in front of the city of Odiaxer, bending around the football stadium and drive about 3 kilometres and cross the railway on the left side and you’ll find a beautiful kite surfing site with oyster farms and lots of fish around.

algarve the best kitesurf lagoon

Contact Us +351 928 024 066 (WhatsApp)


Courses Price
1 day (incl. 3 hours group lesson max. 4 students) 100€
5 days (incl. 15 hours group lesson max. 4 students) 400€
private lesson (incl. 2 hours with private instructor) 140€
half-private lesson (incl. 3 hours max. 2 students) 150€
1 day rental (kite, bar, board, wetsuit, harness) 65€

Kitesurfing Sagres

Today we will tell you about kitesurfing spots in Sagres. This is very wind-blown cape which is on the edge of Europe and is most south-west of Europe and Portugal, 5 kilometres from Sagres is Cabo S.Vincente famous lighthouse.

Kitesurfing spot Tonel

kitesurf sagres

Every day hundreds of people come there carry the sun into the ocean (Sunset), as this place is called the end of the world.

If go from the city of Sagres towards the lighthouse, then you will stumble upon a very bright one beach called “Tonel”.

This beach is good for wave kitesurfing & for windsurfing, the wind is almost everyday there. Of the disadvantages:

-There are rocks underwater.

-At high tide it is difficult to launch a kite because the water is too close to the rocks.

-Lot of surfing schools in summer (difficult to ride).

-Equipped point with lifeguards who categorically prohibit the launch and ride near the shore (150 meter zone from the base).

Kitesurfing Meia Praia

kitesurfing meia praia

If you still get to city of Lagos, there you will find ideal place for kite surfing in a kite lagoon with fine and warm water and a very breathable windsurfing place with smooth water on the beach “Meia Praia”.

Wave kitesurfing Bordeira

kitesurfing Carrapateira

The closest wave spot from the city of Sagres with good conditions for riding the wave this “Praia Bordeira” which is better known as “Carrapateira”.

Even local surfers and kitesurfers can not be determined with the name of the beach as the village when the beach is called “Carrapateira” and the beach on which they surf and Kitesurfing is called “Bordeira”.

There are more advantages than minuses on this beach, very wide beach with white sand dunes, smooth wave that closes far enough from the coast, the direction of the wind in the coast along the coast.

Algarve kite camp

Contact Us – for make kite lesson & rental reservation +351928024066 (WhatsApp)


Courses Price
1 day (incl. 3 hours group lesson max. 4 students) 100€
5 days (incl. 15 hours group lesson max. 4 students) 400€
private lesson (incl. 2 hours with private instructor) 140€
half-private lesson (incl. 3 hours max. 2 students) 150€
1 day rental (kite, bar, board, wetsuit, harness) 65€




Portugal kite & sup holidays

Welcome to PortugalSUP Lagos

Welcome to the world of water sports in Algarve.
We base our school in the south of Portugal in the small tourist town of Lagos.

In this wonderful town everyone can find a favorite activity for body and soul. In the surrounding area of ​​Lagos. You can find a variety of beautiful beaches, which are among the ten most beautiful beaches in Europe.

So you can stroll through the old town with the old church and a defensive wall around the city.

kitesurf Alagarve

Lagos is the location on the Atlantic coast and is ideal for all water sports.

Our school is practicing sailing sports, kite surfing and windsurfing in the lagoon with warm and shallow water and picturesque views of the mountains, golf course and oyster farms.

As in the days when the ocean is calm and there are no waves, we practice sup boarding tours of scenic water caves on the coast of the city of Lagos.

For those who do not fit a calm and measured way of life, you can try yourself in the surf and catch your first wave. A place with good waves is 20 km from the city of Lagos.


Courses Price
1 day (incl. 3 hours group lesson max. 4 students) €100
5 days (incl. 15 hours group lesson max. 4 students) €400
private lesson (incl. 2 hours with private instructor) €140
half-private lesson (incl. 3 hours max. 2 students) €135
1 day rental (kite, bar, board, wetsuit, harness) €65

So you can visit the most south-western point of the Algarve and Europe, Cabo San Vicente.

More, you can take part in the nightlife of Lagos with many lovely restaurants, Portuguese cuisine and a great abundance of seafood.

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