Kitesurfing lagoon of Lagos 2024

Kitesurfing lagoon of Lagos – how to find, where to parking, where to kite, teaching & kiteng area, danger places.

Kite lagoon is a great place for water sports, but not everyone knows the subtleties and nuances of this place, such as:

Kitesurf Lagos lagoon
Lagos Kite Center

1. How to get lagoon and where to park you can check in one of our pages “Location

2. Place for preparing, launching and landing the kite

3. Teaching area with shallow water and sandy bottom

4. Area for kiteng and advanced learners

5. Dangerous places where it is better not to ride

These five tips on the map will help you stay out of trouble and get out of trouble with your local kitesurf school.

1.Parking and road.

kitesurf lagos lagoon
Lagos Kite Spot

If you are hoping for an asphalt parking with white markings, then you are deeply mistaken, but not so bad, even in high season there are enough parking spaces.

An important point, do not leave the car behind the oyster farm, as they can break glass and take everything of value.

And there is a suspicion that the thieves work together with the farmers and a kite school that based there.

2.Kite launching area and beach.

kitesurf Lagos 2023
Kitesurf Lagos School

Beach is large enough for safely prepare and launch kites, apart from those few very high tide days when the water covers most of the beach where a single kite can barely fit.

We also do not recommend leaving valuables on the beach, as in the summer’s bustle someone may confuse the backpack and take your things.

Also, after launching the kite, you should not stand on the shore, as the wind is not very even and a kite may fall on people or overlap with another kite.

3. Training area.

kitesurf Lagos lagoon 2023

Depending on the tide, the shallow teaching spot can be larger or smaller (marked in yellow).

At high tide – the training area shifted to center of kite lagoon and training is possible only with a power-boat.

At completely low tide, size of a kite lagoon halved, and therefore the space for students becomes smaller.

best time to learn is when tide is coming, as water comes into the lagoon and current becomes low and area for learning and kitesurf becomes larger and there is an opportunity to stay away from dangerous places.

4. Kiteng area.

Kitesurf Lagos

Area for advanced kiteboarders vary depending on number of students in kitesurfing lagoon of Lagos.

In high season, kitesurfing is very limited in central and deep part of lagoon, but if you come at high tide, there will be enough space for everyone who wants to ride.

Best place for riding and practicing tricks and jumps with perfectly smooth water is in a center part of a lagoon behind a sandy island, and most stable wind is also there.

5. Dangerous places.

Kitesurf school Lagos

Kitesurf lagoon of Lagos –  is a safe enough place if you do not consider three BUTs:

First – is a fairly strong current in center of lagoon at low tide, which can easily carry you into the open ocean in five minutes.

Second – is a rocky coast, on which a floor of a hundred kites breaks annually, we mark it on the map in red.

Third – oyster farms, at full high tide they hide under water, at low tide they are clearly visible, danger is in wooden and metal pins that stand around the perimeter.

kitesurfen Lagos

Well, for those who still have questions, such as:

1. How to get to kite lagoon of Lagos.

2. Where is it better to check wind forecast.

3. High and Low tide, best time of the day to arrive.

We will answer all these questions with joy according to WhatsApp!

Our Algarve Kite Center located in the best and safer place in lagoon for kite lessons. We stay next to the water and far away from Danger place.

Kitesurf Lagos 2023
Kitesurfing lagoon of Lagos
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    Max Kanter
    Max Kanter
    21:49 22 Apr 23
    These guys are the best teachers i‘ve ever head. The service is wonderful and the lessons are individually adjusted. Totally recommend the kite school
    Bastian Mäsker
    Bastian Mäsker
    08:43 03 Apr 23
    I had a great time here. Alex and Sasha are great teachers and I felt I progressed all the time. They even were so nice to pick me up from the city everyday.Can’t go wrong with these guys!
    Travis Sixberry
    Travis Sixberry
    10:13 07 Dec 22
    Alex was a tremendous help with renting equipment and introducing me to the site. Will be back!
    Martin Grumbt
    Martin Grumbt
    12:43 12 Nov 22
    I had done the beginner course somewhere else and wanted to close the gap to kiting on my own. My goal was to start in both directions and ride upwind. By phone I could easily book 2 hours for this. These could also be postponed due to the weak wind until everything fit.The instructor asked me about my skills and let me do everything myself as far as possible.He always helped me when he saw that I was getting nowhere or doing something technically wrong. The long sandbar with knee to hip deep water provided safety for trying things out and learning on my own. There was also a boat ready if I fell in the deeper water and drifted too far.I could kite the newest Core material.I can recommend the school with its team and will come back 👍🏻
    Kim K
    Kim K
    14:42 31 Oct 22
    We came to this Kiteschool as a group. Everyone had a great time, and some will definitely continue Kitesurfing. Everything was explained very clearly. The location was also great ! I will definitely recommend this kite school ! Thanks
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