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Kitesurf spots Lagos 2024

This time we look at various beaches of Lagos for kitesurfing, pros and cons of each of them and pitfalls.

N1. Kite lagoon – Lagos is known to everyone as the only place in Algarve for safe training and kitesurfing.Shallow, smooth and relatively warm water, best place to learn kitesurfing.

How to get there you can find on this Page

+ You can’t imagine better wind statistics, from April to November a north, north-west wind (North West) blows, sometimes there is a wind failure in August.

+ Lack of floating tourists in water (kitesurfing area)

– Not a stable wind.

-+It is difficult to get lagoon without a vehicle and knowledge of road, but we can call this a plus, as not everyone finds lagoon and there is a lot of space for kitsurfing.

Kitesurf spots Lagos
If you plan to learn and rent a kitesurfing in Lagos area or you need supervision, you can contact us with questions by calling +351928024066 (WhatsApp)

N2. Meia Praia – this beach is known to everyone as longest in Algarve region, it is a little over 5 kilometers.

Kitesurfing spots Lagos

Summer from June to October, the beach has 12 stationary points with sunbeds, umbrellas, jet skis and two lifeguards at each point.

According to Portuguese laws, you do not have a right to ride and launch a kite at a controlled point in territory, end of territory is indicated by a sign in three languages.

As a result, there is a place for kitesurfing a very beginning of beach 300 meters and at the end of the beach 1000 meters, there is no wave, direction offshore (north, north-west).

Kite spots Lagos

 Winter period, everything is much simpler, empty parking lots, and a deserted beach, direction of wind Onshore, a good wave for skiing.

N3. Porto de Mós – this beach is very landscaped and is popular among tourists from all over Europe and the world for outdoor activities such as kitesurfing, kayaking, paddle board, jet skis.

Kite surfing spots Lagos

Beach is in a picturesque location surrounded by orange landscape cliffs, on left side are water caves and Ponto de Piedade, on right side is a high mountain separating Porto de Mós and Praia da Luz.

Kitesurfing in Porto de Mós is not a myth but a reality. Main thing is to wait for suitable conditions, and suitable conditions are direction of the wind – South, South-East, South-West.

Summer, most of the days are blowing – North, the North-West wind from Offshore, which attracts a lot of lazy tourists who like to rest on the beach under scorching sun and beach, which is protected from the wind.

Lagos kite spots

If you still catch south wind in summer, it will be very problematic to go kitesurfing as there are a lot of floating tourists in water.

There is no place even to stick an umbrella on beach, there are also two stationary points with lifeguards that will not allow you launch a kite.

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    Max Kanter
    Max Kanter
    21:49 22 Apr 23
    These guys are the best teachers i‘ve ever head. The service is wonderful and the lessons are individually adjusted. Totally recommend the kite school
    Bastian Mäsker
    Bastian Mäsker
    08:43 03 Apr 23
    I had a great time here. Alex and Sasha are great teachers and I felt I progressed all the time. They even were so nice to pick me up from the city everyday.Can’t go wrong with these guys!
    Travis Sixberry
    Travis Sixberry
    10:13 07 Dec 22
    Alex was a tremendous help with renting equipment and introducing me to the site. Will be back!
    Martin Grumbt
    Martin Grumbt
    12:43 12 Nov 22
    I had done the beginner course somewhere else and wanted to close the gap to kiting on my own. My goal was to start in both directions and ride upwind. By phone I could easily book 2 hours for this. These could also be postponed due to the weak wind until everything fit.The instructor asked me about my skills and let me do everything myself as far as possible.He always helped me when he saw that I was getting nowhere or doing something technically wrong. The long sandbar with knee to hip deep water provided safety for trying things out and learning on my own. There was also a boat ready if I fell in the deeper water and drifted too far.I could kite the newest Core material.I can recommend the school with its team and will come back 👍🏻
    Kim K
    Kim K
    14:42 31 Oct 22
    We came to this Kiteschool as a group. Everyone had a great time, and some will definitely continue Kitesurfing. Everything was explained very clearly. The location was also great ! I will definitely recommend this kite school ! Thanks
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