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KITESURFING LESSONS: Algarve kite holidays by the Atlantic Ocean – the most comfortable and budget way to start kitesurfing and join the kitesurf party.

Kite camp in Algarve is not first year.

Accommodation: Kite Camp
Cost of kite surfing includes accommodation in a kitesurf Camp, in six – eight local room, training, transfer to kite spot and back.
This is a separate house for 24 people.

Kitesurfing camp is located in historic center of old town of Lagos with typical Algarvian narrow streets with many restaurants and coffee shops.
 Kite house itself is a 5-minute walk from supermarket, disco bars, the nearest beach and the promenade with snow-white yachts and fishing schooners.

algarve kitesurfing camp

Kitesurfing lessons in our kite camp will be held in a group of 2-4 people. Our program will take 3-5 wind days.
During this time, students usually have time to pass IKO level 1 & 2, which means that at the end of training course can independently ride a kite.

algarve kite camp

Kitesurfing lessons will consist of theory & practice. At first hour, instructor will explain what a wind window is, where and how a kite flies.
 And also tells you how to determine right place for practicing.

Great attention will be paid to safety sistem of handling the kite.

Then students will understand kite equipment – what it consists & how to prepare it for start.

Then practice begins – piloting kite, bodydrag, water launches & first rides.

kitesurf camp algarve
All classes will be held in shallow water in a warm lagoon.

Why should you go through this particular program?
Training in kite camp is not just lessons, it is also a ocean, fun, party and new friends. Cost of training in camp is lower than usual classes.

Price of kite camp includes accommodation, transfers, use of services of kite-station – so that all troubles are removed from your shoulders you just have to relax, learn & ride!

Requirements for preparation of participant to learn kitesurfing in Algarve you do not need special physical training. Since classes will be held in shallow lagoon, ability to swim is not necessary.

What do you get at the end of program?
After ten hours of training, you can confidently fly a kite, start on the board and drive through your first rides.

That means – you will become an independent kitesurfer, join ranks of wind-dependent people and begin to get adrenaline & positive from kitesurfing.

algarve budget kite camp

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