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Kitesurf Algarve – Lagos lagoon (Ria de Alvor) on south coast of Portugal is the only well-functioning shallow water area for kitesurfing in Algarve.

Here, is Nortada, which blows offshore on Algarve coast, can be used safely. Comfortable and short journey via Faro Airport makes this region an interesting destination for kite trips to Portugal.

kitesurf algarve

Wind and climate for kitesurf in Algarve.

Algarve is one of the sunniest regions in Europe. In summer months you can expect over twelve hours of sunshine per day.

Maximum daily temperatures in summer are 24’C to 29’C degrees and are not as oppressively hot as in other southern regions of Europe.

Summer wind Nortada cools the coastal region of Algarve a bit, while the mountainous hinterland usually heats up quite regularly with temperatures above 30 degrees.

Nortada is a thermal north wind (Nortada = north), which builds up in summer months on sunny and warm days every day from 1 PM and steadily increases in strength towards evening.

Shortly before sunset it reaches its full strength and thus creates ideal conditions for kitesurfing. On days with a mix of sun and clouds, it can blow less and on completely cloudy days or rainy days there is usually calm.

Nortada kitesurf Algarve

Nortada, which mostly blows from west-north-west to north-north-west, is accelerated because of geographic features between Lagos and almost 1,000 meter high Monchique Mountains.

This jet effect causes an above-average wind at Lagos lagoon, while in large parts of rest of Algarve there is usually only a slight breeze and kitesurfing is out of question.

In Algarve, average wind speed is between 15 and 25 knots. In contrast to wind statistics from Windguru, which measure daily from 7 AM – 7 PM, and accordingly include the windless time of day in their statistics, wind probability is not 40% but over 75% percent in the summer months.

Water temperature of Atlantic is a cool 18’C to 24’C degrees, even in midsummer. Because of the tides, Ria de Alvor is washed through daily with this icy Atlantic water, so that water temperature in the lagoon is only up to five degrees above that of Atlantic.

Wetsuits recommendations

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We recommend wearing a shorty wetsuit when kitesurfing lagoon of Lagos in late afternoon or early evening. Chilblains and kite students who spend a long time in the water during a kite course are more likely to use a long-warm wetsuit.

A sweater should not be missing in your luggage for the windy evenings in a restaurant or when strolling. On Algarve coast, even in midsummer, cloudy days and one or other rain shower can occur.

Kiting season on Lagos lagoon runs from April to October. The best travel time for kitesurfing and kite trips to Algarve in Portugal is from June to August.

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