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kite shop Portugal
2022 Core XR7- 9m 650€ SOLD
kitesurf Lagos school
2022 Core XR7 12m – 700€ SOLD
portugal kite shop
2022 Core Section4 – 850€
2020 Core Bar Sensor 2s – 250€
kite shop Lagos
2022 Core Nexus2- 600€
Core Nexus2 9m – €550 2022
Lagos kite shop
2022 Core Bar Sensor 3 – 250€
Core XR5 12m perfect conditions 750 euros. SOLD
Core Kites Portugal
9M. CORE XR5. Like New. price 600 euros SOLD Kitesurf Lagos
kite shop portugal
12M. CORE Nexus. Like NEW. price 850 euros SOLD
kitesurf algarve
Kiteboard Nobile FIFTY 138cm. €350 NEW
kitesurf algarve shop
Ozon Bar Good Conditions 200€ Kitesurf Lagos
kitesurf lagos
Kiteboard Nobile NBL 142cm. 350€ NEW Kitesurf Lagos
lagos kite
Kiteboard Nobile NHP 134cm. €250 second hand. Kitesurf Lagos
Core XR6 9M perfect conditions 650 euros.
Lagos kite shop
7M. Liquid Force Envy. price 150 euros. Kitesurf Lagos
algarve kitesurfing shop
8M. Liquid Force Envy Repair on One Panel. price 300 euros SOLD Kitesurf Lagos
Algarve kite shop
9M. Liquid Force Envy Price 350 euros SOLD
algarve ktesurf shop
9M. Liquid Force SOLO One Repair. price 300 euros SOLD
lagos kite shop
17,5M. Liquid Force SOLO. price 300 euros. Good Conditions Kitesurf Lagos

    Max Kanter
    Max Kanter
    21:49 22 Apr 23
    These guys are the best teachers i‘ve ever head. The service is wonderful and the lessons are individually adjusted. Totally recommend the kite school
    Bastian Mäsker
    Bastian Mäsker
    08:43 03 Apr 23
    I had a great time here. Alex and Sasha are great teachers and I felt I progressed all the time. They even were so nice to pick me up from the city everyday.Can’t go wrong with these guys!
    Travis Sixberry
    Travis Sixberry
    10:13 07 Dec 22
    Alex was a tremendous help with renting equipment and introducing me to the site. Will be back!
    Martin Grumbt
    Martin Grumbt
    12:43 12 Nov 22
    I had done the beginner course somewhere else and wanted to close the gap to kiting on my own. My goal was to start in both directions and ride upwind. By phone I could easily book 2 hours for this. These could also be postponed due to the weak wind until everything fit.The instructor asked me about my skills and let me do everything myself as far as possible.He always helped me when he saw that I was getting nowhere or doing something technically wrong. The long sandbar with knee to hip deep water provided safety for trying things out and learning on my own. There was also a boat ready if I fell in the deeper water and drifted too far.I could kite the newest Core material.I can recommend the school with its team and will come back 👍🏻
    Kim K
    Kim K
    14:42 31 Oct 22
    We came to this Kiteschool as a group. Everyone had a great time, and some will definitely continue Kitesurfing. Everything was explained very clearly. The location was also great ! I will definitely recommend this kite school ! Thanks
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