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Kitesurf its easy if an instructor is nearby. Instructors of our kite school have extensive work experience in Algarve, top level of personal craftsmanship, minimum 2 years teaching experience and international certification.

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Before come to Algarve location, we all went through a professional kite schools and learned from the best coaches hove teach kitesurfers and different ways to explaining theory and practice part.

We teach people how to kitesurf in Lagos lagoon since 2008, over this time we had a thousand students witch have successfully completed training in our kite school in Portugal.

Primary emphasis is on quality of skills and safety when working with kitesurfing. Training of skills goes to full automaticity, which helps to avoid injuries and extreme situations. In our kitesurf school there are four permanent instructors and several assistants working in the future.

This allows us to give every client most attention, with an individual approach. In most critical areas of kitesurf training we work according to scheme: four students – one instructor. We do not have situations when you have to wait for an instructor to work with you.

1. First Day lesson 

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First lesson includes orientation on spot, read wind forecast, safe wind directions (On shore, Off shore) wind window 9:00 – 15:00, direction and power of the wind, safe training two lines kite flying.

Next step is preparation of inflatable kite to practice in water and clarifications of the safety system, check first quick release, set up for lines kite bar, pump a kite, and then you can safely going to the water.

Next steps on the water include managing four lines kite, restart kite from the water, practicing first body-drag downwind using power zone and full power of the kite.

2. Second day lesson.

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Second day lesson begins with set up kitesurf equipment buy yourself and after preparing and refreshing you can start right in water continuing practice, initially repeat previous exercise in which you have finished last lesson.

Next step – is body-drag upwind, manage to keep controlling kite with one hand and control thrust force at the time you catch yourself a board, we can assume that most of training (base) carried out and we can start getting stand Up on the board fo your first waterstart.

3. Third day kitesurf lesson.

kitesurf school Lagos 2023 Portugal

Finally, we are ready to stand up on the board, to do water-start we need to know and do following, safety rules and exercises: kite and board position for water start, body and legs position for water start and riding on a board.

Kite movement(power stroke) for water start, keep kite on correct timing(10:30, 13:30) after stand on the board, learn how stop with moving kite to zenit and trying start to other side from seating position.

4. Fourth day kitesurf lesson

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The fourth day of training most time of the lesson you spend in practice and improving water starts and smooth stops, carving and change direction from Down wind to Up wind.

Also, you will understand wind window, power zone and make first rides short distance 10-30 meters in both directions with out crash a kite and loosing a board.

5. Fifth ultimate day of kite course.

kitesurf Lagos school 2023 + Portugal

Last day of training you will learn how to ride a board against the wind(Up wind), and improve technique skills of riding on a kite board including changing direction. In situations when you are able to ride on both sides Up wind, kite instructor will teach you more advance tricks like transition tern.

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