Everything about kitesurfing in Alvor

In this article, we will tell you about all the nuances of kitesurfing in Alvor:

1. Places for kiteng and subtleties of water area.

2. Alvor and geolocation.

3. Kitesurfing schools.

4. Rescue boat.

1. Places for kitesurfing in Alvor.

This wonderful tourist town has two spots and only one where you can learn kitesurf.

kitesurfing center Alvor

First place is Rio Alvor (lagoon) – warm and shallow water for beginners, and a steady, strong wind with flat water for experienced kiters.

Pluses of spot:

Steady and strong thermal wind from mid-March to late October.

Correct wind direction is (north, north-west) in relation to the beach from where kites are launched and landing.

Lagoon is located in city area, which saves time on travel and the opportunity to go a restaurant for lunch.

Minuses of spot:

– Kite launching area is very far from a parking and road.

– Kite Beach is very small and too busy.

kitesurfing alvor

– At low tide, the water remains only in the river, bed with a sufficiently strong current.

– Often sailing yachts are parked in the vicinity of kiteng and learning area, which interferes with a learning progress.

Second place is Praia de Alvor – one of few places in south Algarve where you can go for a ride in open ocean.

Pluses of spot:

– Location of the beach, is born within walking distance of parking, cafes, restaurants, toilets and so on.

  • Open ocean and endless kiteng.

– A wide and long beach with clean sand and a flat bottom.

Minuses of spot:

– A large number of tourists swimming on the beach during summer season, however are on their side.

– If the wind direction is not friendly (north, northeast), it is quite difficult to return back, it blows from off-shore.

– Cold and very salty water.

2. Alvor and geolocation.

kitesurf center Alvor

A small tourist town with a mixed architecture, spectacular beaches, colorful shell rocks, Atlantic coast with crystal water.

City of Alvor is in southern part of Portugal in Algarve region, nearest airport is 70 kilometers (Faro), largest airport is 280 kilometers (Lisbon).

This city has everything for outdoor activities and water sports, it closely borders city of Portimao, where there are large three-storey shopping centers and a seaport.

3. Kite school.

Alvor kite center

There is only one official kite school in Alvor that works from May to September.

 Lessons takes place on a sandbank in the middle of lagoon, you can only get there by motor boat.

They also have a stationary point on the beach of Alvor, operating from June to August.

For those who are seriously thinking about learning how to kitesurf, this is a delightful spot with excellent wind statistics throughout summer.

Kite lagoon is divided by the Rio Alvor channel into two parts, on Lagos side there is much more space and kite schools, respectively there are more riders.

4. Rescue boat.

kite center Alvor

In Rio Alvor – like any other kite spot, there is a direct need for a rescue boat.

With standard northerly direction of wind, in case of any trouble you will be carried to stones where you will reap a kite, or worse, carried out by the current into open ocean.

In Portugal – law requires every official kite school to have a rescue boat, equipment and health insurance.

At low tide, they do not use rescue boats in kite schools because of very shallow water, impossible to drive.

In general, few people work at low tide, water remains only in deep riverbed with the current and where there are shallows there are a lot of sharp shells.

If you are still not attached to Alvor, and have a means of transportation, you can book kitesurfing lessons or rent equipment from our kite school.

To get from Alvor, to our school on an other side of lagoon, you will need an average of 30 minutes by car.

 kitesurfing lagoon of Alvor

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