Portimao kitesurfing

Portimao kitesurf

Today we will tell you about Portimao, a wonderful city for outdoor activities in south of Portugal in Algarve region.

 Beautiful and colorful coast of the Atlantic Ocean with short beaches for kitesurfing and windsurfing and the promenade with restaurants in the city of Portimao.

Portimao is very well suited for riding windsurfing all year round since most of the time is the direction of the wind from the coast.

 In the winter-autumn-spring season there is a great chance for kitesurfing to ride on the beach “Praia da Rocha” on the city beach in Portimão.

kitesurf portimao

The correct wind direction for kitesurfing in the city of Portimao on the beach “Praia da Rocha” is: “South”, “West”, “East”.

Most curative wind direction in Portimao for riding perfect wave on “Praia da Rocha” is “South-East”, thanks to scale breakwater of half a kilometer the wave goes very smooth and even while the wind is quite flat.

Portimao kitesurfing

If you go up from the beach to the promenade of “Praia da Rocha”, you will find there:

  • A lot of restaurant with Asian, European, Portuguese cuisine with freshly caught seafood.
  • A lot of nightclubs with a vibrant night-life and tipsy tourists.
kitesurfing portimao

Also in Portimão one of the largest sea ports in the Algarve with cruise liners and snow-white yachts with travellers.

For those who are not yet ready to go kite-surfing on open water with a wave and prefer smooth and shallow water – there is a wide kite lagoon in the city of Lagos ideally suitable for beginners and working out tricks on smooth water.

kitesurfing praia da rocha

Getting to the kite lagoon is not so easy, because GPS and also Google Maps show the wrong direction along the road along the ocean which has been closed for 6 years by golf courses.

If you drive from Portimao to the city of Lagos on the N125 road, you need to turn left in front of the city of Odiaxer, bending around the football stadium and drive about 3 kilometres and cross the railway on the left side and you’ll find a beautiful kite surfing site with oyster farms and lots of fish around.

algarve the best kitesurf lagoon

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