Kitesurfing Sagres

Today we will tell you about kitesurfing spots in Sagres. This is very wind-blown cape which is on the edge of Europe and is most south-west of Europe and Portugal, 5 kilometres from Sagres is Cabo S.Vincente famous lighthouse.

Kitesurfing spot Tonel

kitesurf sagres

Every day hundreds of people come there carry the sun into the ocean (Sunset), as this place is called the end of the world.

If go from the city of Sagres towards the lighthouse, then you will stumble upon a very bright one beach called “Tonel”.

This beach is good for wave kitesurfing & for windsurfing, the wind is almost everyday there. Of the disadvantages:

-There are rocks underwater.

-At high tide it is difficult to launch a kite because the water is too close to the rocks.

-Lot of surfing schools in summer (difficult to ride).

-Equipped point with lifeguards who categorically prohibit the launch and ride near the shore (150 meter zone from the base).

Kitesurfing Meia Praia

kitesurfing meia praia

If you still get to city of Lagos, there you will find ideal place for kite surfing in a kite lagoon with fine and warm water and a very breathable windsurfing place with smooth water on the beach “Meia Praia”.

Wave kitesurfing Bordeira

kitesurfing Carrapateira

The closest wave spot from the city of Sagres with good conditions for riding the wave this “Praia Bordeira” which is better known as “Carrapateira”.

Even local surfers and kitesurfers can not be determined with the name of the beach as the village when the beach is called “Carrapateira” and the beach on which they surf and Kitesurfing is called “Bordeira”.

There are more advantages than minuses on this beach, very wide beach with white sand dunes, smooth wave that closes far enough from the coast, the direction of the wind in the coast along the coast.

Algarve kite camp

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    Max Kanter
    Max Kanter
    21:49 22 Apr 23
    These guys are the best teachers i‘ve ever head. The service is wonderful and the lessons are individually adjusted. Totally recommend the kite school
    Bastian Mäsker
    Bastian Mäsker
    08:43 03 Apr 23
    I had a great time here. Alex and Sasha are great teachers and I felt I progressed all the time. They even were so nice to pick me up from the city everyday.Can’t go wrong with these guys!
    Travis Sixberry
    Travis Sixberry
    10:13 07 Dec 22
    Alex was a tremendous help with renting equipment and introducing me to the site. Will be back!
    Martin Grumbt
    Martin Grumbt
    12:43 12 Nov 22
    I had done the beginner course somewhere else and wanted to close the gap to kiting on my own. My goal was to start in both directions and ride upwind. By phone I could easily book 2 hours for this. These could also be postponed due to the weak wind until everything fit.The instructor asked me about my skills and let me do everything myself as far as possible.He always helped me when he saw that I was getting nowhere or doing something technically wrong. The long sandbar with knee to hip deep water provided safety for trying things out and learning on my own. There was also a boat ready if I fell in the deeper water and drifted too far.I could kite the newest Core material.I can recommend the school with its team and will come back 👍🏻
    Kim K
    Kim K
    14:42 31 Oct 22
    We came to this Kiteschool as a group. Everyone had a great time, and some will definitely continue Kitesurfing. Everything was explained very clearly. The location was also great ! I will definitely recommend this kite school ! Thanks
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