Kitesurfing Sagres

Today we will tell you about kitesurfing spots in Sagres. This is very wind-blown cape which is on the edge of Europe and is most south-west of Europe and Portugal, 5 kilometres from Sagres is Cabo S.Vincente famous lighthouse.

Kitesurfing spot Tonel

kitesurf sagres

Every day hundreds of people come there carry the sun into the ocean (Sunset), as this place is called the end of the world.

If go from the city of Sagres towards the lighthouse, then you will stumble upon a very bright one beach called “Tonel”.

This beach is good for wave kitesurfing & for windsurfing, the wind is almost everyday there. Of the disadvantages:

-There are rocks underwater.

-At high tide it is difficult to launch a kite because the water is too close to the rocks.

-Lot of surfing schools in summer (difficult to ride).

-Equipped point with lifeguards who categorically prohibit the launch and ride near the shore (150 meter zone from the base).

Kitesurfing Meia Praia

kitesurfing meia praia

If you still get to city of Lagos, there you will find ideal place for kite surfing in a kite lagoon with fine and warm water and a very breathable windsurfing place with smooth water on the beach “Meia Praia”.

Wave kitesurfing Bordeira

kitesurfing Carrapateira

The closest wave spot from the city of Sagres with good conditions for riding the wave this “Praia Bordeira” which is better known as “Carrapateira”.

Even local surfers and kitesurfers can not be determined with the name of the beach as the village when the beach is called “Carrapateira” and the beach on which they surf and Kitesurfing is called “Bordeira”.

There are more advantages than minuses on this beach, very wide beach with white sand dunes, smooth wave that closes far enough from the coast, the direction of the wind in the coast along the coast.

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