Rent & Rescue

Kitesurfing rental terms of Algarve Kite Center

To rent a kite equipment, you will need following actions:

  • ID original or car Key
  • Copy of Kite license (IKO, VDWS,….)
  • Your height, weight, info and equipment priorities
  • Health Insurance
  • Cash, Revolut or PayPal payment
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lagos rent kite

And now, about each item – let’s start with an ID document, preferably it was an internal or foreign passport.

And it is necessary for kitesurfing equipment to come back to us, there have been many cases of equipment theft and non-payment of rent.

You know that cost of all equipment is impressive and some individuals will sacrifice their driving license to keep equipment.

Kitesurfing license – each country has its own types of licenses (IKO & VDWS), but a very important point is how confident you are as a kite surfer.

As conditions for kitesurfing can be different: shallow or deep water, wave or flat water, wind directions, gusty or stable wind.

Lagos certificated kite centre

If you take our kitesurfing spot in Lagos as an example, there are many factors you don’t know about. If you look at lagoon from the side, it is very shallow and safe.

BUT 50% of our kitesurfers can not cope with rough wind and fast tides, but those who really know how to ride – gladly come back to us every season.

Your Datas – to find your right wetsuit and harness we need your height and weight – but you have to choose a right size of kite and kite board by yourself.

Use the prediction of winguru, it is most suitable for our local spot.

Vehicle – to get to kite lagoon, you will need a vehicle, as public transport does not go there, and it is problematic to walk far enough (5 km + -).

The best thing how you can do – is rent a car and see all sights in one go, and the cheapest thing how you can do – is take a free transfer from our kite center, the main thing is to warn us earlier that you need a transfer.

rent kite algarve

Kite equipment insurance – a few years ago we learned from our clients that some insurance companies cover kite equipment, and if you rip a kite or lose a kiteboard, they will reimburse you full cost of equipment.

In case there is no insurance – you have to be ready for some costs, for example:
  • Rip sling – you pay cost of a new one about 50 euros (1 piece).
  • Ripped kite – about 250 euros payment depending size of rip.
  • Lost kiteboard – about 250 euros cost.

Rescue boat – mainly needed for those who are already riding in both directions but not sure, those who need to practice a lot in deep water and not worried: about what can lose a kiteboard, unsuccessfully quick release a kite, drifting far into the ocean or put a kite on sharp rocks.

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