2021 Kitesurfing Algarve -all about five days training

Kitesurfing – is a technically challenging and truly extreme sport. If you are still in doubt if study at an Algarve kite center, read this curt note about how it studies on your own on a kite. 

On my behalf, I will add to go to kite center with an instructor – trainer – the shortest way to the goal, whether it be an initial course or training of the most difficult tricks.

Kitesurf Algarve 5 days, initial level of study (15 hours)

kitesurf algarve

At the initial level of training, you will become familiar with the theory of kiting (kite structure, wind window theory, safety system). 

You will gain the skills to control a training kite and handle equipment, learn how to pilot a kite and launch an inflatable kite from the water. 

You will master the body dragging, water start and get on the board, familiarize yourself with the rules of advantage and self-rescue on the water. 

15 hours is exactly the period for which a person becomes an independent kiter, has all the necessary knowledge and sufficient skills to progress further on his own. 

The duration of the lessons is 2-4 hours a day, the basic beginner course takes 4-5 windy days. 

Kitesurf Algarve 3 days, intermediate level of training (9 hours course)

kitesurf algarve 2021

At the intermediate level of training, you will cut into the wind and control the speed of movement, learn to turn around and hold the correct stance.

Kitesurf Algarve, advanced level (freestyle training)

Our PRO instructors will teach you how to perform jumps with transferring the kite and unhooked, you will master the basic elements of freestyle and complex acrobatic tricks. 

What is not unimportant, in the absence of wind, we train everyone on a wake winch, this will speed up progress and allow you not to miss training even on windless days.

kitesurf algarve wave riding

We have been training in wave riding for a long time and successfully we ride the waves with a kite. Wave riding is a whole new direction in kite boarding, where you can endlessly improve. 

We can teach you both the basics of turns and changing stances, and more advanced things: reading waves, freestyle on a board without loops.

Hydrofoil (board on hydrofoil) is becoming more and more popular, and almost all major manufacturers have produced boards on hydrofoils. 

Our kite school is in trend and all our instructors have mastered this projectile. We can teach you from just riding to the first turns of stance changes and jumps.

Kitesurfing for newbies:

  • smooth water surface;
  • perfect flat;
  • individual programs led by experienced instructors;
  • absolute safety and complete control;
  • choice of difficulty level in the step-by-step study of the kite.

Kitesurf for advanced:

algarve kitesurfing lessons
  • honing skills (high long jumps, spins);
  • the ability to raise the level and practice skills (landing in the blind, various interceptions);
  • learning new tricks (unhook tricks);
  • achievement of new results in mastering the kite.
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