Kite wavespots in Algarve around Aljezur area

Aljezur is located in heart of west coast of Algarve and is starting point for any picturesque beach with comfortable waves and stable winds. Let’s start our walk from north to south.

Praia da Amoreira 7km from Aljezur.

Praia da Bordeira 20km from Aljezur.

First decent beach for kitesurfing is will be Praia Da Amoreira, it has many positive qualities:

1 – It is not crowded, as it is far enough from tourist cities like Lagos with large hotels and thousands people on the beaches.

2 – Enough easy access directly on the beach and parking with a restaurant where you can have a bite.

3 – Is a gentle and even coast and enough space for launching a kite, the beach is covered with small rocks on both sides, which helps to even out the wave, and geolocation even onshore wind.

P.S – The best time of the year for kitesurfing – is the winter: more windy days that in Summer, winds is more predictable, almost no surfers and schools on the beach.

Second decent beach for kitesurfing is Praia Da Bordeira:

1 – The advantages of the beach are that it is closer to the village, within walking distance from Carrapateira, where you can find inexpensive housing, shops, cafes, restaurants and pizzerias.

2 – Bordeira one of the largest beaches with white sand dunes on the west coast of the Algarve. Thanks to this width of the beach, everyone who wants to ride kitesurf, surf and sunbathe on the warm sand with the Atlantic fresh breath of the ocean can fit in.

3 – On this beach there is also a small stream with warm and shallow water, which in summer is ideal for families with kids, and in winter overflows and creates a small lagoon suitable for kitesurfing.

P.S – this beach is also the most suitable for kitesurfing only in winter, when compared with the Lagos lagoon in summer, wind there is quite weak and direction is exactly straight ON shore.

Rest of the beaches that are not listed in Blog are most likely not suitable for kitesurfing, too small, rocks in the water, no expected locations, crowded with kitesurfing prospects.

In case, you can ask us any question, and we will try to give you an adequate answer. You can also order kite equipment for rent and kite lessons for those who are not yet completely confident in their skills.

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