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Stand Up Paddle surfing – is a popular in world and only gaining momentum with us, kind of water sports that has come from classic surfing. SUP has become an indispensable friend to surfers in absence of waves, since you can surf on absolutely smooth water using an paddle.

You do not need special training and, do not even have to be able to swim. Even a child will cope with SUP in 5 minutes. Of course, to confidently stand on two legs or “kite” on the crest of the wave, you will need some time. But you can ride on your knees or sitting from first minute. This is much easier than windsurfing, because on SUP you can ride not only in the absence of wind, but even against the current.

SUP boards in Lagos are reliable and safe

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Surfboards with a paddle are of two types: stiff and inflatable.

Hard boards can be made of different materials: wood, fibreglass, epoxy, carbon mass, but all of them are different – the size always remains unchanged.

Because of this, hard boards are more difficult to store and transport, because they can not be “deflate” as inflatable, rolled into a tube and put in a backpack.

As for inflatable boards, they are also not as simple as one might think (this is not a “water mattress” for you).

Inflatable boards under a layer of heavy-duty composite shells contain a lot of vertical tubes, which give the board in the form of rigidity and strength.

Inflatable boards are slightly inferior to the hard ones in speed, but they can easily be moved in a bag, and besides inflatable boards are not threatened with chips and scratches.

Board construction and additional equipment

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On the board itself, the nose and tail (stern) are distinguished, which can give board different shapes (narrow, round, uneven, etc.).

Bottom of the board there are from one to three fins, they play role of the stabilizer of course stability and allow maneuvers.

Top of board there is an anti-slip pad for convenience of standing.

On the stern of board there is a special fastening for safety cord, it is also called leash. Cord (Leash) isattached to leg with a special cuff (velcro).

And it is needed to ensure that board does not swim away from you, if suddenly you fall into water (because board is very light and the waves can quickly carry it away).

Also on some boards there are additional fastenings for things in form of a grid or carbines, and a ring for towing (it is possible to “cling” to boat).

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Our school is located in a very attractive and beautiful location on main beach of old town of Lagos.

Clean beach with high cliffs, with colourful scenery, with crystal clear water and surface water and caves, you get a lot of pleasure from riding and training on sup board.

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