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Windsurfing is a water sport using special equipment of an easy board made of floating material (from 2 to 4.5 m) and a sail that is attached to the board with the help of a hinge.

This whole structure is set in motion by the force of the wind. We can say that windsurfing is a hybrid of sailing and classic surfing.

Windsurfers can slide on smooth water in the presence of wind, in addition they can tame large waves and make spectacular jumps – this is called wind surfing, wave riding.

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How to start windsurfing?

Most effective way is to go Portugal to work with an instructor.

Windsurfing is not such a whimsical sport in terms of conditions on the spot as kitesurfing. There is enough sea and a weak wind. You do not need to buy your own windsurfing equipment at first.

It is quite voluminous, in contrast to kitesurf mate, and it is problematic to carry it with you. Many windsurfers have their own trapesia (harness) -rest is rented.

Personal equipment for windsurfing
Lagos windsurfing

It is very important that your personal equipment in windsurfing is completely right for you. For example, to save a suit from a low water temperature, it must fully tighten the body. HydroShoes should be under your foot, so as not to slip at a critical moment. Harness should not squeeze ribs or crawl up body.

Courses Price
15 hours 370€
9 hours 250€
6 hours 180€
3 hours 90€
private lesson 3 hours 180€

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